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The Red Pyramid!

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Books!

I just buy a new book today!

This is the book i buy!

Fiction Novel

I’m so excited when i saw this book and i immediately buy the book!

The shop clerk also told me that this book is the last one because there is a lot of people who want to buy this book.

Well, that is because Rick Riordan is an author of percy jackson series so no wonder why this book sell like peanuts. =p

I buy this book on periplus store!

The reason why i buy this book on periplus is because periplus is the only store that sells english novel in Bandung and they have a great promo too! Hehee… =D

However i’m so excited on reading the book so i think i will end my blog here!

I’ll post something again regarding my review for the book when i finished read it!