The new world of Creativity! Spiritual Creativity! =D

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Creativity and Innovation Courses (SBM ITB)

This time i’m going to write about spiritual + creativity! The result is spiritual creativity! =D

Let us turn off all the light.. Close your eyes… and go deep deep inside yourself..

Now, let us turn on the candle!

The candle is the symbol often use in some religious ritual. Candle have many meanings but most of all candle remind all of us about the light inside ourself.

All of us have a light inside themselves, the difference is in the power of the light inside every peoples.
People who live their life with good deeds, people who likes to help each others, people like religious leader, and another good people is shining. However..
People who do bad deeds, never appreciate their life, always grumbling, complaining, is a people who is not shining and living in the dark.

So, in order for people to shine! They have to have a spiritual creativity! =D

Spiritual Creativity is actually a part of 3 intelligence that human have.

Well, there is indeed a lot of books about the IQ and also about the EQ. So i will not talking about IQ or EQ because i’m sure people already know what it is.

However.. The Spiritual! This is very interesting!

The spiritual creativity is actually about adding a creativity in our spiritual live! This creativity can help us in finding the meaning of our lives, the reason to live, how to live your life, or whatever you want about your life. This creativity help us to actually think out of the box! Thing about how we want to spend our spirit life?

One example is in reading a bible.
Creative people actually invent something very creative in order for us to be able to enjoy our spiritual life to the fullest! They create a bible application for handphone, computer, smartphone, etc!

They show us the new way of reading a bible!

That is actually just one of the example of the creativity in spiritual life.

However, spiritual creativity also help us in finding the meaning of our live and make our life seems ful!

I’m sure that people actually have different idea about this spiritual creativity since we cannot see, but we need to believe. =D


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