Posted: December 11, 2010 in Creativity and Innovation Courses (SBM ITB)


What is scamper?


Now! Let us create the scamper for Toyota and Telkomsel!


Substitute –> Toyota company can start on changing their engine. They can start to do a research on an engine that will not pollute the environment and yet let out a good chemical that will help decrease the global warming.

Combine –> Toyota company can start combining their smart car with more feature like auto pilot in order to ease the person who is to tired to drive.

Adapt –> Toyota must adapt with high competition in today environment by creating a smart car that has a high capability and feature with low price

Modify –> Toyota can try to modify the car by changing the computer system in the car. They can install a computer with voice that can tell them about the map and the road condition and the best route to take like a GPS

Purpose –> Toyota can try to create another purpose like to decrease the global warming and go green by creating a car that is environmental friendly

Eliminate –> Toyota can try to eliminate the spoilers on the car in order to reduce the car price and create a simple car

Rearrange –> Toyota can try to rearrange the music player, the dashboard on such an unique way in order to make toyota different than any other car.

Next! We will examine the SCAMPER for

Substitute –> Telkomsel can start on change their flash modem system into a storage device that can store more data like up to 64 giga.

Combine –> Telkomsel can start on combining their modem with laptop. built-in modem inside the laptop.

Adapt –> Telkomsel must adapt with the high competition that is happening in Indonesia by lower the price and yet still maintain their good service. This can be done by eliminating and do cost efficiency.

Modify –> Telkomsel can modify their internet connection to be able to have more speed by installing a new technology

Purpose –> Telkomsel can try to create another purpose by changing their sim card material into more environmental friendly

Eliminate –> Telkomsel can try to eliminate the waste management system cost by using environmental friendly material

Rearrange –> Telkomsel can try to rearrange the memory in the sim card to be much larger in storage


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