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The most important innovation in my life is of course….!!!!


I’m pretty sure most of the people in the world know what internet really is but let us explore more the world of Internet! =D

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries a vast range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents of theWorld Wide Web (WWW) and the infrastructure to support electronic mail. < Taken from Wikipedia>

Internet is a technology that creates a globalization. =3
Internet allow people from everywhere to connect with each other, explore the world, read politics, and many other from home!
All you need is just a modem and a device that can connect to the computer. =)

In my daily life, internet is very important and useful!
First! Without internet i will not be able to make this blog and share my thought around the world! =)
With internet i can share my thought through blogging. =D

The next thing i often do with my internet is to socialize with friends and meet a new friends!
This means i use FACEBOOK! =D

Facebook allows me to meet my long missing friends, interact with new friends, and share some photo and my thought! =D

Other social networking i often used is Twitter! =D

Twitter!! Tweet tweet your thought in only 140 words~!

I also use internet to chat with my friends! This is very interesting because the chatting technology today has improved a lot that will allow us to do a webcam! Chatting by looking at each other face! Funny!! =D
This is the application i often used to do a chatting with =3


Two chatting application that i often used in my daily life! =D

Beside chatting and social networking with friends i also use internet to refresh my mind! I play GAME! =D

Kyaaaaa!!! How Fun!!! *i’m not that addicted tought* =p

Lastly! I think this is the most important reason why internet is the most important innovation in my life is….


However! People should not become to addicted to the Internet!! Why?! I’m pretty sure you don’t want this things happened to you, do you? =D

So addicted to internet that he needs an injection of caffeine in order to wake him up! *creeeppyyyyyyy*


To addict to even let go of the internet for awhile!! *uh ohhh*


Bringing your laptop and take a lot of time in the toilet.. ~_~


cannot let go of the computer even for a second!


Ended up like this because you are to addicted to the computer.. >.<

So be wise in managing your time when you use your internet and be careful not to become to addicted to it. =D


Open Business Model! New Method! Fresh from the Mind!

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Meet me again! The author of this blog. =D
Today, i’m going to write about something extra ordinary! Very very out of the box! But it is actually a serious subject. =p

Today! I am going to create a blog regarding OPEN BUSINESS MODEL!

What is an Open Business Model?
First, let us see this illustration below! =D

See all the company list in the picture? =D
Now, let me ask you a question, what is the similarity between all the company listed above?

* Thinking* *Thinking*


All of them are a company that create an interactive product! This company creates a website that allow their costumer which in this case a user to interact with other users and give a feedback and input to the company.

That kind of company is the example of the Open Business Company. So what is exactly a OPEN BUSINESS MODEL?

Let us ask the people who make Open Business Model popular which is Mr. Henry Chesbourgh!

He states that, “Companies that keep their intellectual property too close to the vest risk missing out on critical business innovations that idea-sharing could generate. Open business models foster collaboration with customers and suppliers to everyone’s benefit.

The more companies learn about open business models, the more they realize how much they have to change their own innovation activities to take full advantage of these paradigms. It’s not simply a matter of searching for new technologies. To thrive, companies must adapt their business models to make them more open to external ideas and paths to market.”

Henry Chesbrough, “Embracing Open Business Models”, Optimize Magazine, 1/1/07

This phrase was taken from his Book regarding OPEN BUSINESS MODEL!

Tried to read the book! It is actually quite good and the english used in the books is not too hard to understand.
I recommend this book to people out there who wants to try open up a business. =D

Back to topic, Open Business Model has a very close relationship to the Open Innovation! *linked to my previous post regarding Open Innovation*

Because if the company wants to survive and grow, the company needs to do an innovation! However, in today era of globalization, the company needs to change their innovation method into an Open Innovation method. This method can be accomplished by changing their Business Model.

Open Business Model is a business model that is transparent! Means that the business allow the user, the stakeholders, and the shareholders to interact with the company.
This will make the company able to interact with them and get a good feedback and knowledge that can be used in improving their business.
This is a new and innovative method that can be used in order to improve the business of the company.

The company needs help from outside the company to help them grow, because the company is not perfect, and the outside people who interact with them can give them a good feedback that will increase the value and the business.


Haii!! =D

Meet me again! The author of the blog with the title “The Door of Infinite Possibility”!

This time, i’m going to write about something very serious! It’s actually a big issue in this current year!
Before i began, let me introduce my subject for this post!

Say Hello to my new subject! Hellloooooo!! =D

Okay, so this is my new subject for this blog! OPEN INNOVATION!!
Some of you must be wandering right now.. What is OPEN INNOVATION? Why is it an issue for this current year? *wondering wondering*

No worry! Let us ask the one who make OPEN INNOVATION popular! Mr. Henry Chesbrough!

He is giving a lecturer now. =D

Mr Henry Chesbourgh states that “Open innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively. This paradigm assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as they look to advance their technology.” [Chesbrough, 2006]

Innovation is very important for the company in order to survive! The company who didn’t do an innovation will go bankrupt because they will lose with their competitor. That is the reason why OPEN INNOVATION is a very important issue of the year, even tough not so many people realize how important it is!

Today, the company often used CLOSED INNOVATION instead of OPEN INNOVATION.

CLOSED INNOVATION is an innovation that only used an internal technology and knowledge in order to define a new products and services. In other words, only use the available resources inside the company.

CLOSED INNOVATION example is by build a research facility that research the products and services that will be hit in the market. The company who have a big capital will be benefit from this type of innovation of course because they can conduct a research that will make them superior than the other company. Some of the completed research have a license, but some of the patent research do not undergo more development because of not enough resources, money, and technology. Don ‘t you think that is a waste of money spend in the research?

That question will be answered by OPEN INNOVATION!!

Closed Innovation is no longer a good method of innovation. This is the list of Closed Innovation Erosion:

1. Increasingly mobile trained workers

2. More capable Universities

3. Diminished US hegemony

4. Erosion of oligopoly market positions

5. Enormous increase in Venture Capital

Now let us see our subject again! OPEN INNOVATION! *now in full color!* =D

OPEN INNOVATION is an innovation technique that include both the external and internal knowledge and technology in order to develop a new products or service that will be able to fit in other firm’s market, the new market, and the current market. Open Innovation suggest the company to consider the external knowledge and technology in order to improve their company.
Now is not the time to be closed to the environment. The company today needs to open their company to the environment!

The first step in doing an OPEN INNOVATION is by putting the OPEN SIGN in front of the company door. =3
Open Innovation is an innovation that suggest the company to share the research to the world outside the company. This means getting outside the boundary of the company. The company who have enough resources and technology can use the research created by other company and develop the research and even get a patent for it. This will resulting in a win-win solution for both the company because the company who doing a research will get a money and the company who develop the research will benefit from the research.

Today there is a lot of company that has changed into an OPEN INNOVATION company.
This is a few list of the company that is an OPEN INNOVATION Company :

Biocancer (Br) Provides drug development and clinical trial services to international pharmaceutical companies, mostly from the USA

TVEI (Br) A company founded by local media industry experts, offers multi-platform sport-related interactive content to consumers and advertising services to businesses.

Movix (Ch) Technologies for mobile operators developed by former employee of a large telco, the main product was licensed exclusively to a(nother) telco

Akikb (Ch) Self-storage solution, not available in Chile at the time, based on a widespread model from the USA and leveraging the infrastructure of an established “sister” construction company

Alltournative (Mx) Ecotourism and recreational experiences with the support and collaboration of local Mayan communities

Interfactura (Mx) Billing software and services initially developed for a large firm and integrated to its network of suppliers

This company do a research regarding their specialty. Their research will then be develop by the other company who have more money and technology. This kind of innovation will benefit both the company and will increase the scope of the products and services unlike the CLOSED INNOVATION.

The conclusion is that today company need to change their company into an OPEN INNOVATION company and say goodbye to CLOSED INNOVATION!

For more information and detailed regarding this OPEN INNOVATION i suggest you try to read and buy this book!