Japan~!! iss… The Most Creative Country on Earth!

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Creativity and Innovation Courses (SBM ITB)

What is the most creative country on earth?
One day my lecturer asked me this question and told me to write it in my personal blog.
Some of you may agree with the title for this post, some of you may not agree, and some of you may not care at all! =)
Well, whatever the answer you have, this is my answer for that wonderful question! So let’s begin and come to see inside the door of my mind! =)

This is my second post for my creativity and innovation course class.
In this post i will told you the most creative country on earth.. =)

The most creative country on Earth in my opinion is JAPAN!!

Say hello to Japan everyone! =)

Okay, i guess you must be wondering why i choose Japan as the most creative country on Earth!

To tell you the truth, actually, the first country that pop up in my mind when my lecturer asked me regarding the most creative country on earth is Egypt!

But, come to think about it, Egypt is indeed a creative country, but it was in the past. So i change my mind to the most creative country in modern era which is…… JAPAN!

First reason why i choose Japan is because of their traditional clothing which is….


How creative people of Japan really is to be able to invent a traditional cloth such as KIMONO!
This is another picture of Kimono.

Look how delicate the pattern in the kimono is.. =) This is actually a kimono used in a wedding ceremony.
How wonderful and creative Japan people is to be able to create such a clothes with a unique and wonderful pattern. =)

Okay, so the next wonders of Japan beside a kimono is their architecture!
Beware and see the wonders of Japan Building!

Look how cool the architecture of Japan is! They actually build this building a long long time ago! How wonderful of Japan really is. =)

There is also a lot of cool and creative Japan Building in this modern era actually..
Look this is a few picture of the creative building in Japan! =)

Look! The people of  Japan really is creative! Japan island is actually rather small, so there is not a lot of space left for people who want to live in Japan. That is why, they need to be creative in creating their house! Like the picture above, in order to create a home together with a parking land, they create a house with a hollow for car park. =)

There is also another astonishing architect!

Look! This one is amazing!

Now, the question is..
What is the main ingredient in order to create this house? =D

The answer is…..


This  is one of the creation of the famous architect in Japan! He is Shigeru Ban!

Here is the picture of him. For you all who wonder what he looks like.. =)

The bridge where he stand is also his creation! How creative he really is… =)

Next reason why i choose Japan as the most creative country is…

HARAJUKU!!!! *theme song harajuku girl~gwen stefanni*

This is a place for extreme people to go hang out into! This people is very creative, which can be seen by how the people wears the clothes!

Here is some picture of them:

Look How out of the box the way they are wearing their clothes! Here the people is so creative in making a mix and match in order for them to wear the clothes like in the photo. =)

Okay, so that is all regarding the best creative country on Earth!

Hope you all enjoy your reading! =)

  1. DyncCalay says:

    Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

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