An “APPLE” a day, keeps the boredom away!

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Creativity and Innovation Courses (SBM ITB)

Hulla hulla everyone! =D
You must be wondering the reason behind my title for this blog! =D
Well, actually this is my next post regarding what is the most creative company on Earth!

So, after a lot of searching and research and a lot of another unimportant stuff!
I get a conclusion that the most creative country on Earth is actually APPLE!
Beware! This APPLE is not an ordinary APPLE! It’s an APPLE that can keep your boredom away and give you a wide range of creativity and innovation! =D
So let’s began with the first reason why i choose APPLE  as a creative company! =D

First thing first!! The most attractive and also creative things from APPLE is…. THE LOGO!!!

Here is the picture of the history of APPLE Logo!

the history of the apple logo

So, what is the most cool LOGO of APPLE? =D
I do think that the APPLE’s Logo is cool!! I personally think that their first logo is also cool! This is the bigger version of the picture of their first LOGO!

This logo actually picture of Isac Newton together with the apple that makes him famous!

Quite an astonishing LOGO in my opinion! =D

However, they take quit a turn and change their logo into a more simple design which is an APPLE! Just an APPLE! =D
Actually, i think it is also generated from their creative Idea since they was actually able to produce a METALIC APPLE! *grin*

Okay! Enough regarding the APPLE LOGO! The next things that makes APPLE creative is their design of the STORE!!

This is some of the picture of APPLE Creative Store Design =D

Look! Their delicate design build from glasses! I personally think that this is the best store building for Apple!
This building is just Cool!! =D

Here is another picture of another apple store!

Look! How creative apple store is to create a unique decoration for their glasses wall!! =D
This design shows the creativity of the store that will ignite the curiosity inside the costumer and will make the costumer wants to see and actually come to the store. =D

The next things that i think is the main reason why i think APPLE is the most creative company is their PRODUCT!!
APPLE  actually has create a lot of creative product that is really OUT OF THE BOX!!!
No one ever create the gadget before! That is why APPLE product is so good and creative and also like by a lot of people. =3

This is a picture of APPLE PRODUCT and.. some FAMOUS PEOPLE! =p

Hehe… The picture is very creative right! I just found it accidentally and post it in my blog!

Cool! Don’t you think this picture is cool! Hahaha.. =D This is a picture of Steve Jobs made from the variety of APPLE’s product! =D

Okay, i guess that’s all for my blog today. =)

Happy Reading!

Thank you for coming! =D


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