The Hidden Meaning behind My Name!~

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Creativity and Innovation Courses (SBM ITB)

First, this is my first post regarding my assignment for Creativity and Innovation Class!

Let’s get started and be ready to see inside my door of infinite possibility! ~

Okay, so my lecturer asked me to find the meaning and be creative with my name!

My name was given to me by both my parents who loves me so so so much! Of course they do, if they don’t love me i wouldn’t have been born! Hehe.. =)

They give me the name after a lot of work including asking people, reading the books regarding the name and the meaning behind it, and another research before eventually they find a really good name for me.

The name is Ivana Jahja. What a cool name! Give an applause!!

I asked my parents first regarding what is the true meaning behind my name.

My parents then told me that the true meaning behind my name is……………….

The greatest gift from god!

They think that this is a very suitable name and the best name in earth! Shows how much they love me and really looking forward to the baby me. =)

However, in this post i’m going to open the door of infinite possibility inside my head to find the hidden meaning behind my name!

My first name is IVANA, but people often called me IVA! =) So the first hidden name behind my name is….. DIVA~!

Diva is a woman singer who has an outstanding talent who often sing at a theater or an opera. In today term, DIVA is often called a prima donna. DIVA is a center of attention because she usually play a main role in the opera or a theater. So, i assume that the hidden meaning behind my first name has been revealed successfully! =)

This is a picture of a DIVA many many years ago~ This DIVA is playing TOSCA!

As you can see that the DIVA in this picture is quite fat. This is because back in that time, a good DIVA should be someone who is rather fat! People used to think that fat is beautiful. =)

Next, this is a picture of DIVA in this modern era!

Okay, that is all for everything regarding DIVA! =)

Now, let us explore deep down inside the door to find the next hidden meaning behind my second name which is JAHJA!

So, while i was walking inside the door wandering what is the reason and the hidden meaning behind my second name which is actually my family name is..

Then, suddenly something come and give me an inspiration! So the hidden meaning behind my second name is JAPAN!

Say hello to the country of Sun Rise!

See the wonders of Japan regarding the Sakura Tree, the traditional house and of course Mt. Fuji! =)

Not to forget, also one of wonders in Japan is…


People often thinks that Geisha is the same as prostitute. However, the truth is geisha is different than prostitute. Geisha is much more complicated than prostitute because to become a geisha, one must have a good talent!

Geisha is a woman who entertain upper class men, and they also have a lot of talent and capability like playing music and such.

Okay, so i guess that is all for the hidden meaning behind my name!

Thank you for reading my post! Hope to see u again in my next post! =)


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