My first post!!

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Random Stuff

This is my first time creating a blog. I never think i would actually create one because all this time i always thought that i don’t need a blog. But here am i, writing my first post using the

This blog was created for one of my course in School of Business and Management (SBM ITB). I need to create a blog in the and i need to create a post regarding my homework and task for this course.

The task and homework for this course need me to be out of the box and be creative! That is why i name my blog with the title above. I must admit that the title is a little out of the box. Abstract, yes, well people can think whatever they want regarding my blog title because this blog is a door to the infinite possibility which is our mind.

There is no boundaries for our mind to wander, there is nothing impossible inside our mind.What is inside the door?

Together with my first post i hereby invite you to come inside the door of infinite possibility. What could be inside the door? Just use your imagination what will be inside the door…


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